• Impartido por: UNIPEC
  • Nivel: Avanzado (Advanced)
  • Ubicación: San Pablo
Disponibilidad (Seleccionar horario)
A- Lunes y miércoles de 12 a 13.30 h. 0/1513
B- Lunes y miércoles de 19.30 a 21 h. 0/1524

Visita virtual de aulas: 13 24

Duración del curso: 02 octubre 2023 - 21 junio 2024

Sharpen your English language tools.

Our Advanced English class is a dynamic and engaging learning experience that challenges students to refine their language skills. The atmosphere is welcoming and collaborative, with a focus on open communication, group work, and positive feedback.


Requirements: Have a B2 level in English.


  • Reach C1 level according to the Common European Framework.
  • Maintain a high level and improve spoken and written fluency.


  • Grammar: Problem Tenses, Passives, Articles, Linking Words, Relative clauses, Verb Patterns, Reported Speech, Fronting, Dependant Prepositions, Unreal Past, Discourse Markers, Modals, etc. 
  • Vocabulary: Power, Fashion and Fads, Personal Characteristics, Descriptive Language, Buying and Selling, Contrasting Opinions etc.