Inglés Menores

  • Impartido por: AFALVI
  • Nivel: Proficiency
  • Ubicación: San Pablo
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A- Martes y jueves de 19 a 20.30 h. 5/1225b

Visita virtual de aula: 25b

Duración del curso: 02 octubre 2023 - 21 junio 2024


The path to mastery

Our proficiency course for teenagers is designed to take your language skills to the next level. Boost your communication in academic, social and professional settings with authentic materials and engaging activities. Get ready to express yourself with confidence and flair.



Requirements: Demonstrate a minimum level of C1.

Do the level test at the following link:


Familiarise the students with the exam format and the language requirements necessary to pass the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam.


Grammar: Problem tenses, passives, modal verbs, subjunctive, unreal past, conditionals, linking clauses. Adjectives and adverbs, nouns and articles, determiners and pronouns, noun clauses, relative clauses, emphasis, reported speech, verb complementation.

Vocabulary: Collocation, phrasal verbs, frequency, metaphor, idiomatic expressions, phrases with take, come, place, set, live, etc., synonyms, register.

Functional language on a wide range of situations including: Environment, relationships, personal appearance, personality, music, etc.

Writing: Essay, formal and informal letters, review and report.

Past exam and CPE task type practice.